Deck Boxes

My hand-painted, custom-created deck boxes hold 100 Dragon Shield sleeved cards 
Steampunk Deck Box 

This box is a must have for all Steampunk fans. Like all of my boxes, you can use this one to store more than just cards. This unique box also makes a great accessory for cosplay. You can use the 0-9 numbered dials to track totals 00-99.


I offer this box in alternate skins such as the black and blue of the powerful plainswalker Tezzeret! 



This box is currently unavailable. 

Krenko Deck Box

This box was inspired by none other than the notorius Krenko Mob boss. I've always been a fan of goblins, and this box is a perfect fit for any goblin fan. 


This box will hold 100 double sleeved cards



The Millennium Treasure box
from Yugioh! 

​​This box was inspired by the Yugioh magna series. I make these box using a rotocaster, resin, and brass powders. The end results produce a stunning antique looking box! 

Selesnya Deck Box

Elves are perhaps the most used creature type in MTG, and this wood- look box was made with them in mind.  

Guild Boxes

I added guild emblems to my popular Gothic deck boxes and painted to reflect guild colors. This is available for all the great Ravnica guilds. 

Koth Deck Box


I made this dramatic looking box in honor of the great plainswalker Koth of the Hammer. I offer it with or without a life counter. 





I am no longer making this model but will rework something similar in the future. 

Demon Skull Deck Box


This is one of my personal favorites to pull out of my bag at a Magic the Gathering game. You can almost here a hiss as you pull the box open. Your opponents will know you mean business with this ominous skull displayed proudly by your playmate. 

Gothic Deck Box


With heavy gothic styling, this box seems like an artifact you might find in a dungeon lined with torches. It's ornate but understated, and the perfect way to class up your gamespace.

Victorian Deck Box


This classically designed box is elegantly reminiscent of victorian antiques and pressed leather. I offer this box without the counter, so that it also makes a great stash or jewelry box.


I can also make this box in a variety of colors, so email me to discuss custom options.



I am no longer making this model but will rework something similar in the future. 

Jace Beleren Deck Box

I modeled this box after the symbols frequently found on Jace's cloak. Your opponents are sure to cringe when you place this box on the table. Noone likes getting milled to death or being told when they are allowed to play a card. 





I am no longer making this model but will rework something similar in the future. 

Mox Deck Box


I designed this box to resemble the mysterious and magical Mox crystals.


I am no longer producing this box.

The First Box


I never really decided on a name for this box. It was the first deck box I made, and as you can see in the pictures, it is quite small. When I made this box I did not consider that 99% of card players use sleeves. This box sadly isn't big enough for sleeved cards, but it's great for other game accessories such as dice, or even your favorite trinkets or valuables.


I am no longer producing this box.